Women's Day | Consort's Flower Arrangement Theme Activity - Resounding Roses, Showing Off Their Beauty

International Women's Day, 8 March, is a holiday for women all over the world. It is not only recognised by the United Nations, but is also an official holiday in many countries. Women from all corners of the globe, although distinguished by different borders, races, languages, cultures, economies and politics, celebrate their own day at the same time.

In this beautiful festival, Consort invited Miss Hazy, the founder of Magic Manga Lane Floral Art, to organise a flower arrangement themed activity for all female colleagues of Consort.

Riding the wind and waves, shining brightly, both adding colour to the spring and illuminating the world!


Consort has prepared a gift for every female colleague who participated in the activity, hoping that the massager can relieve the fatigue of weekdays and provide more comfort in life.


The aromatherapy and table flowers have been arranged, and now we are going to start our flower arranging teaching - this time, let Consort bring you the sense of ceremony!


Clear-eyed, smiling like a flower, bright as a star, free as the wind - Consort's female colleagues shine!


Hazy is a nationally registered senior florist and a well-known lecturer in the floral industry. Miss Hazy has prepared wonderful classroom materials for this teaching, and her vivid explanations added to the ceremonial feeling of the event.



The partners are trying very hard and everyone is looking most beautiful as they learn!


The female colleagues helped each other to complete each piece of work, which was as beautiful and exciting as they are on a regular basis, positive and without needing to be defined!


Many unattainable dreams have become a reality due to the efforts of female compatriots; many delightful glories have been enhanced by the blossoming of women's charms.


Every ordinary woman's life and dreams come true will eventually converge into a great river of the times and a powerful force for social progress.


One by one, "she" has written extraordinary achievements in all walks of life with the boldness and struggle of women. On the new journey, every woman is a writer of the times and a dream pursuer.

Consort Women's Day Flower Arrangement Activity ended with the gorgeous finished flower baskets by all of you, but Hongfubao believes that this is just one part of the wonderful life of all of you on weekdays, and may all of you live a more positive life!


The years are a moment, and the land is a daily routine. Even if the world is occasionally cool, the heart should be flourishing. Shallow joy, quiet love, deep understanding, light release. The landscape is far away, and the life is close by. I wish that the years of my life will be safe and sound, and that I will only speak of warmth, not of sadness.

--Yang Jiang


The spring breeze is faithful and the flowers are blooming. May all the goodness be on its way already.Consort wishes all our female friends - Happy Women's Day!