Founded in 2016, Consort Solar Co., Ltd specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of high-efficiency solar cells, photovoltaic (PV) modules, and system integration. With a track record of installing and operating over 500MW of solar projects globally, we have delivered over 1GW in 2022. We have a full capacity of 3GW, including 200MW off-grid, 800MW conventional PERC, 1GW TOPCon, and 1GW HJT. Our branch offices and representatives are located in the USA, Germany,and Japan, with global operation center in Singapore, third country manufacturing base in Bangladesh, and we have exported to over 100 partners worldwide. Our annual sales growth rate exceeds 100%. In line with the global trend of carbon neutrality, Consort Solar is committed to providing innovative products and superior services to all our customers.
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Main products
Conventional Modules (PERC)
The mainstream technical route of the solar module market, the technical process is in mature, and the capacity are stable in output.
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TOPCon Modules
With new technology and new capacity, Consort Solar offers high performance and high efficiency conversion products. The N-Type TOPCON module with the featuring of high efficiency and high power, it can improves the capacity of PV system installed and significantly reduce BOS at the same installation area.
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HJT Modules
HJT is one of the solar cell technology to improve module efficiency conversion rate and output rate, it also represent the new trend of solar cell technology platform.
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Global layout
Consort Solar has a global marketing, channel sales and after-sales service system. We have a professional service team to provide customers with world-class, high quality, professional pre-sales technical service support, after-sales problem solutions, to provide customers with the best experience.
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