Going Green | Consort empowers Versin rooftop photovoltaics to run on the grid

Not long ago, as a smart PV solution provider focusing on industrial and commercial rooftops and small and medium-sized ground power stations, Consort Solar completed the delivery of the 400KW distributed power generation project in Jiangyin City in a timely manner, effectively guaranteeing the completion of the project according to the established expectations and realising the grid-connected operation, and adding a brand-new green PV rooftop in Jiangsu Province, while further promoting the brand strength of the company.


In recent years, from the sun to draw energy from the "green power station" in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, bloomed, and actively for the city's low-carbon development of green and add vitality. This kind of distributed photovoltaic power station, which makes full use of the idle resources on the roof and converts light energy into electricity without changing the original structure, ventilation and lighting of the roof, not only enables many enterprises to realise "zero investment in the enterprise and enjoy preferential electricity tariffs", but also contributes to the social balance of electricity consumption and double carbon emission reduction.


This distributed photovoltaic project, contracted by Consort, utilises the idle rooftop resources of Jiangsu Versin Environmental Protection Group Ltd. to install a photovoltaic power generation system. At the beginning of the establishment of the power station, the investor selected Consort as the PV module contractor in consideration of long-term and comprehensive benefits, and used its CST-M10/54H high-efficiency modules.


With the support of Consort's high-efficiency modules, the project is expected to generate 430,000kwh of electricity in the first year after being connected to the grid, which is able to effectively meet the demand for office electricity, commercial electricity, supporting facilities and equipment during daytime hours of the Versin factory. Not only that, it is calculated that the annual power generation of the project can bring a revenue of 291,000 CNY for the enterprise. At the same time, due to the use of solar power generation, the average annual saving of coal burning is about 109.33 tonnes and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is about 297.47 tonnes, which will play a positive leading role in the regional development to further achieve energy saving and emission reduction, and improve the corporate image.

Consort will continue to focus on the photovoltaic field for many years based on the deep accumulation of technology, products and service experience, to promote more high-quality project cases to the ground, with practical action to empower the social economy to achieve sustainable development, and bring more green for human production and life.