Yangzhou Heyang New Energy 312.4kw PV project main body completed

The 353.1kW project between Consort solar and Yangzhou Heyang New Energy Co., Ltd. recently entered the final stage of grid connection and commissioning, and is expected to be officially put into operation in June. The project is invested by Consort solar and is located in the industrial zone of Chenji Town, Yangzhou City. The project is built on the roof of its own plant and uses a monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic system. After completion, the project will be operated on a "self-generation, surplus power online" basis, using 550w 642 monocrystalline modules and 6 sets of 50kw inverters from Consort solar.


It is expected that after the project is connected to the grid, the annual power generation capacity will reach 360,000 kWh, which will bring a revenue of RMB168,600 to the company. At the same time, due to the use of solar power generation, the average annual coal consumption can be saved by about 145 tonnes and carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by about 352 tonnes, helping to save energy and reduce emissions and improving the image of the company.


Consort solar is committed to the development of new photovoltaic energy industry and takes the globalisation of new photovoltaic energy as its mission, aiming to build a world-class new energy green industry base and contribute to the development of global photovoltaic energy. In the future, Consort solar will continue to adhere to the customer-centric approach, improve its technology, and help the domestic and overseas markets with higher quality products with better customer benefits! To promote the sustainable development of the solar industry and unremitting efforts.

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