Learning on the production line | Consort Solar regularly organises product training for its office staff.

Consort Solar has been focusing on high-efficiency N-Type TOPCON and Heterojunction (HJT) solar cells, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic energy storage systems, power plant project development, and the development of an intelligent operation and management platform, among other core industries. We regularly take our office staff to the factory to learn more about our products in this new energy era, and at the same time, supervise the production line to continuously improve the performance and quality of our products.


As a member of the photovoltaic new energy industry, Consort Solar has been presenting the corporate vision of "Empowering Sunshine, Leading the Future of Energy" and the corporate mission of "Customer First, Innovative and Enterprising, Smart Leader of the Future" in the public's field of view, and has led many photovoltaic customers to cater for the future trend.


Factory Learning

On 11th October, Consort Solar once again organised the office staff to go to the factory to study, and saw the customer's order being efficiently produced in the production line in front of us so that we have a deeper understanding of the product.


Our solar modules are inspected before shipment and can be reviewed at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure the high quality of each module.


Only on the basis of their own sufficient understanding of the product can each partner bring more professional knowledge and services to customers, and can work with you to bring green energy into the future.


Characteristics of N-cell series products

1. No Bo-lid

Excellent anti-LeTID and anti-PID performance Low power degradation, higher power output

2. Product Quality Assurance

15-year product warranty and 30-year power warranty

3. High module power

Maximum power reaches 720W, effectively reducing LCOE and bringing more return on investment for customers.

4. Low temperature welding

Adoption of low-temperature round wire tape and low-temperature flux to reduce structural damage to amorphous silicon layers

5. High temperature power generation performance

Has a relatively low temperature coefficient, with a power generation gain of about 2% or so

6. Anti-PID guarantee

Optimisation of battery production technology and material control to minimise degradation caused by PID phenomenon.

7. Higher power

5-25% increase in module power, resulting in lower levelised cost of energy and higher internal rates of return


Consort Solar will be attending the 2023 UK Renewable Energy Expo in Birmingham from 17th - 19th October, our booth number is Hall5-S2, and Consort Solar is looking forward to seeing you all again.