Consort Solar at the 8th Brazilian Renewable Energy & Distributed Generation Expo in South America

Consort Solar is present on 16 November 2023 as an exhibitor at the 8th Brazilian Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation Expo GD South America. Supported by ABGD (Brazilian Association of Distributed Generation) and local government authorities, and organised by Grupo FRG, the No.1 local PV industry media and event organiser, Expo GD provides a conference and exhibition platform that is an ideal platform and an excellent opportunity for key decision makers in the business community to network and communicate with each other.


The exhibition site gathered industrial, commercial and service entrepreneurs, companies related to the renewable energy sector, researchers and educational institutions, project contractors in the field of renewable energy distributed power generation, investors, product dealers, distributors and other professional visitors. The exhibition showcases innovative products, services and solutions from hundreds of world-class companies.


Consort Solar's N-type HJT double-glass modules (NH12/60GDF) (NH12/66GDF) are eye-catching, and the power of the HJT modules on display this time is up to 630W and 695W, respectively. The products are made of 210mm mono-crystalline silicon cells, with low-temperature filament welding tapes and low-temperature fluxes, which reduces the damage to the structure of amorphous silicon layers, and has excellent LeTID and anti-PID performance and low power degradation, as well as higher power output. LeTID and PID resistance, low power degradation, and higher power output, it is a customised double-glass version of the module for ground-level power station scenarios, with excellent cell technology and exquisite appearance design, which not only can be perfectly integrated into the architectural shape, but also has both functionality and visual aesthetics. The product has been certified by TÜV Germany and other authoritative organisations. In addition, the 15-year warranty on workmanship and materials and the 30-year warranty on linear power provide customers with greater peace of mind.

Consort Solar also exhibited conventional P-type solar modules (M10/72H) (M12/66H), which use monocrystalline cells and can reach 555W and 665W of frontal power respectively. The modules are made of monocrystalline cells, with frontal power reaching 555 W and 665 W. Conventional modules are still the mainstream products in most markets, so they still occupy a large share of the global photovoltaic market with the highest shipment volume due to their stable production and excellent product quality assurance.

Brazil is one of Consort Solar's most important markets. Wind and solar power generation in much of Latin America has surged again this year, already easily surpassing last year's record total. Brazil, as the largest economy in Latin America, also has the largest installed capacity of photovoltaic (PV) power generation in the region. As of last year, photovoltaic power had become the second largest source of electricity generation in Brazil, ranking just behind hydroelectricity and ahead of wind power in the overall installed power sector.


According to EPE's Ten-Year Energy Expansion Plan (2030 Edition), by 2030, the total installed capacity of Brazil will reach about 224.3GW, and more than 50% of the new installed capacity will come from new energy power generation, among which the installed capacity of photovoltaic (PV) will grow the most and at the fastest rate. Brazil is a major market for Manfrotto, and we have many local partners who have maintained long-term cooperation with us. We not only hope that this friendship will continue, but also hope that Manfrotto's solar modules will continue to support the development of PV in Brazil for a long time to come.


Energy changes the world, green development drives technological change. The opening of the new era of carbon neutrality has accelerated the transformation of social development to clean energy. In the future, we will continue to increase the layout of overseas markets and accelerate the international development in Europe, Japan, South America and other places. We are committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of global green energy through innovative technologies and high-quality products, and working hand in hand with various partners.