Consort Solar Annual Ceremony | Together we set sail!

On 26th January 2024, Consort Solar's 2023 Annual Summary Meeting and 2024 Outlook New Year's Dinner was held at Fang Xiang Jiuli Banquet Centre. On this occasion of the old year and the new year, Consort partners gathered together to share their work experience and welcome the new year with joyful start.

2023 Annual Wrap-up Meeting


The time sequence changes, and the year is full of things. We stick to our original intention and move forward; we ride the wind and the sea, and rise on the waves.


Before the meeting started, first of all, Chairman Tony Tao distributed New Year red packets. Consort would like to wish everyone a prosperous new year!


This year, we see the style in the journey, reflect the style in the busyness, and engraved a glittering mark in the mottled time.



At the beginning of the meeting, the first speech for the annual meeting was made by Mr Tao, who fully affirmed the achievements of Consort's stuff in 2023, and made persistent efforts in 2024 to deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy, enhance the reserve of human resources, strengthen the competitiveness of the company in the industry, and push forward the deep ploughing and development of the company in the global photovoltaic industry.


General Manager Brad Wu delivered a speech, in which he briefly pointed out the opportunities and challenges of Consort in the new year, and also indicated the next work focuses to each department, and then affirmed the dedication of every Consort's stuff. It is believed that under the joint efforts of all Consort's stuff and the leadership's planning, Consort will be able to ride the wind and waves, and travel steadily to the future.




Listen attentively and review together the hardship and sweetness of this year.


China's PV has experienced ups and downs to achieve the splendid results today. We believe that with the joint efforts of all PV partners, China's PV will soon overcome the difficulties in front of us and take off again in the coming Year of the Dragon! Consort partners will also be with you all the time, be an eternal sun value creator.

Awards Ceremony


The award ceremony at the annual meeting is not only a kind of affirmation of the company to the partners' hard work in the past year, but also a positive example and goal for all the partners to set up, so that the partners have a greater sense of belonging.

Consort for the staff to prepare a 3000 CNY to 30000 CNY ranging from the red packet, the award quota are on-site before the announcement, to give partners a surprise!


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First up is our top seller - Ya Wang. Those who work for it will always achieve it, and those who work for it will always reach it. The road will not be far if the heart is directed. In him, we see the enthusiasm, positive and serious work attitude; to meet the difficulties, the courage to bear the spirit of work. This spirit is worth learning for everyone!

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There are three outstanding employees, they are Hong Huang from the Finance Department, Guangqi Liu from the Purchasing Department and Yidong Du from the Technology Department. They are able to treat their work with the highest standards and take excellence as their pursuit; they are company-oriented, dedicated, conscientious, and willing to dedicate themselves, and they lead their departments to keep the company on the right track with their practical actions.


The winners of the five-year loyalty award were Hong Huang of the Finance Department, Ya Wang of the Sales Department, Qishuai Wei of the Sales Department and Yidong Du of the Technical Department. They always share the company's pain and suffering, five years hand in hand, through thick and thin, they are not only witnesses to the development of the company, but also creators, although experiencing countless storms, but always never leave.


The winner of the Consort Courageous Award is Robin Yuan of the Marketing Department. The company's marketing needs his leadership, and every activity of the Consort brand can't be planned without his careful planning. The online platform needs to be pervasive and the publicity and marketing needs to blossom everywhere. With him, the company's marketing is like a tiger with wings.

The winner of the Consort Silent Dedication Award is Lun Wang from the Logistics Department. He is simple but not common, ordinary but not mediocre, although he is not in the company's market front struggle, but his efforts and efforts are precisely the guarantee of the success of all our departments.


The winner of Consort's Best Newcomer Award is Pei Wang from the Sales Department. As the leader of this year's newcomer team, his arrival has injected new vigour and vitality into Consort, and brought us countless touches and excitement; he has a vigorous vitality, and salutes the times with pragmatism and struggle.

The winner of Consort Successful Transformation Award is Qishuai Wei from Sales Department. Confidence and persistence are his marks, hard work and effort are his signs; on the journey of work, he carries passion and moves forward with ease.


The winner of Consort's Efficiency Star Award is Wing Wang from the Personnel Department. In the face of complicated affairs, with enthusiasm and passion for work, she works hard and takes responsibility for everything, always proves everything with her actions and impresses others with her sense of responsibility.


The winner of Consort's Dedication Award is Bing Zhang from the Planning Department. The storm put strong grass the test, the fire refines the real gold; some people are able to do the ordinary work extraordinary, he loves his job and is dedicated to his duties, the spirit of conscientiousness for several years as one day is like a dazzling star diamond, shining brightly.


The host drove the exciting atmosphere of the whole venue. After the award presentation, everyone was still in a strong mood, taking turns to express their feelings, talking and laughing with their partners, sharing the little and little of this year.




Consort would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to all the partners who have worked so hard for the company, and to all of you for your selfless dedication to the Consort family.

New Year's Eve Dinner

After the year-end summary meeting and the award ceremony, it was followed by the dinner prepared by Consort. Partners gathered here is the fate brought by Consort, it is an event that Consort family is proud and proud of!


"Please raise your glasses in your hands, let's wish you all a happy new year and a better tomorrow for the company!" Let's show our bravado, let's unveil the magnificent chapter of 2024 together and celebrate another leap forward for Consort.



A few of our friends kept up with the times by combining the hottest dance of the moment, "Subject 3", with other dances, which directly set off the lively atmosphere of the dinner.




There was both singing to bid farewell to the old year and dancing to celebrate the new year.



Passionate performances on the field and hilarious activities off the stage, this is the atmosphere that belongs to Consort's buddies alone. Doing interesting things with interesting people, there is no need to deliberately cater for, interesting people will attract each other.



Life is fast paced, but once in a while you have to walk, eat, drink, play and shoot! Live here, be happy here.



The dinner was not only the passion of partners, but also the lucky draw prepared by Consort for everyone. The important thing is not the prizes, but Consort's sincere and full of heart.


The most exciting moment of the dinner is the chorus of "Friends" sung by Mr Tao and Mr Wu.

The mountains and rivers are not heavy enough, but it is important to meet friends! In the new year, may everyone in Consort renew their relationship and write a brilliant chapter together.

The trend of the will is not far away, and the direction of the will is not hard to enter. Standing in the new development starting point, the past and the future successive succession, opportunities and challenges co-exist with the same. In the face of new development tasks as long as we maintain the development of determination, enhance their own capabilities, firm determination to concentrate on development will not waver, and move forward, will be the past and to come, and then a new chapter, and then create brilliant.