Highlights | Consort 2024 Japan Tokyo International Smart Energy Week PV Exhibition Successfully Concluded


The 2024 International Smart Energy Week PV EXPO was held in Tokyo, Japan from 28 February to 1 March. The bi-annual exhibition has become the best platform for the growing Asian solar market with the gradual expansion of Japan International Smart Energy Week PV EXPO, which is the most influential renewable energy industry exhibition in Japan and Asia. Japan International Smart Energy Week PV EXPO is the most influential renewable energy exhibition in Japan and Asia.



Consort's N-Type HJT, N-Type TOPCon and Conventional Perc series modules are displayed in this exhibition. Consort's N-type HJT module (CST-NH12/66GDF) adopts heterojunction cells, with frontal power up to 730W, excellent anti-LeTID and anti-PID performance, low power attenuation, higher power output, and more return on investment for customers; N-type TOPCon all-black series module (CST-NT10/54GDF) is a product created by Consort for Japan's distributed business needs. Consort's products for Japan's distributed business needs, taking into account the small version and high efficiency, and at the same time, in terms of aesthetics and reliability has reached the industry's leading level, favoured by customers at home and abroad.



The exhibition is jointly organised by Consort headquarters and Consort Japan, which has been rooted in the Japanese PV market for many years. According to IHS Markit, the demand for new installations in Japan will continue to be stable at around 5-6GW per year in the future. Japan is an important player in the Asian market due to the competitiveness of the government's efforts to promote and support the development and utilisation of rooftop photovoltaics, making Japan an important partner for Consort as it moves towards globalisation.




As one of the early Chinese companies to enter the Japanese PV field, Consort's branch in Japan has accompanied the development of the Japanese PV market for several years. Since 2016, Consort has started to explore and deepen the Japanese market, and set up a Japanese office in 2018, and finally established Consort Japan Branch in 2022 to better serve customers and respond to demands. In the future, Consort Solar will continue to dig deep into the Asian market, continue to climb the market position and strengthen the brand influence, continue to innovate green, efficient and highly intelligent photovoltaic products, and provide customers with more value with high-quality products and services, and run towards the vision of "empowering the sun, leading the energy future".