Presentation in the UK | Consort Solar shines at the Solar & Storage Live with its N-Type TOPCon modules

The UK Renewable Energy 2023 (Solar&Storage) exhibition kicked off on 17th October 2023 in Birmingham, UK and lasted for three days. As one of the exhibitors, CONSORT SOLAR presented its new N-Type TOPCon All-Black Bifacial Modules as well as traditional Perc Modules at Hall5 S2.

N-Type TOPCon Module

The N-Type TOPCon all-black Bifacial module from Consort Solar is eye-catching. The new product uses 54 pieces of 182mm monocrystalline silicon cells, and is a customised bifacial version of the module for industrial and commercial distributed and residential rooftop scenarios, which is equipped with excellent cell technology and exquisite exterior design, and is not only able to fit perfectly into the architectural shapes, but also functional and visually appealing. The modules have been certified by TÜV Germany and other authoritative organisations. In addition, the 15-year warranty on workmanship and materials and the 30-year warranty on linear power provide customers with greater peace of mind.

Traditional Perc Module

In this exhibition, Consort Solar also exhibited the traditional P-type solar module (M10/72H), which is mainly promoted for the European market. The module adopts monocrystalline cells, with frontal power reaching 555W and cell conversion efficiency up to 21.5% in mass production. At the same time, the anti-PID performance of low power degradation, better light utilisation and current collection ability, improve product power output and reliability, bring more return on investment to customers.

The PV market in the UK

Europe as the main force on the energy transition track, photovoltaic not only in the capital market to regain favour, in the world's major markets, photovoltaic installed incremental space and growth rate is also a striking presence.

The UK experienced a severe energy crisis prior to the war in Ukraine. The need to rapidly scale up indigenous energy sources has become even more pressing at the present time, and the resulting problems with household energy costs mean that some people may now have to choose between heating and eating. In addition the UK's electricity market and networks need to be urgently redesigned to enable consumers and businesses to reap the benefits of cheap renewable energy sources such as solar. Moving to a green energy system as soon as possible is the most important thing the UK can do to address these issues.

Facing the rapid growth and active development of the European PV market, Consort Solar seizes the opportunity and follows the trend. At the beginning of this year, we set up a branch office in Europe and strengthened our European supply chain and warehousing system. This is an important step in the internationalisation of Consort Solar.

In the future, we will continue to increase the layout of overseas markets and accelerate the international development in Europe, Japan, South America and other places. We are committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of global green energy through innovative technologies and high-quality products, and working hand in hand with various partners.

The exhibition will last until 19th October local time, welcome to visit CONSORT SOLAR Hall5 S2 booth.